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Safety comes from quality, quality starts from focus
Cangzhou Rongshengda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province. Our company is a manufacturer of matching auto harness ...
Unite, forge ahead, innovate and strive upward
  • Employee ethics
    Self-improvement and virtue,
    Careful learning, integrity and integrity;
    Quality first, pursuing efficiency,
    Unity and cooperation for continuous improvement;
    Do everything wholeheartedly, customer first,
    Develop and innovate to eliminate waste;
    Maintain the company's honor everywhere,
    Protect the company's interests at all times.
  • Operation management
    Develop products with first-class technology;
    To guide production with first-class management;
    Expand the market with first-class products;
    Create value with first-class quality;
    Render employees with first-class culture;
    Win customers with first-class reputation.
  • Corporate
    With the spirit of self-improvement and pursuit of perfection, loyalty to reputation and customers, providing value-added goods and services for the society, and taking knowledge economy and corporate culture as the driving force and source of sustainable development, the company has realized vertical mining, making the company become an industrialized, market-oriented, professional, professional and international sustainable growth enterprise. Pursue outstanding achievements, seek truth from facts, persevere, and carry forward team spirit to achieve our goals.
Understanding your likes gives you your needs
Accessories make the car gorgeous and prosperous, achieving your satisfaction
Address:Nanpi County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province
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